May 16 th, 2019
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Things to Know Before Write a Blog Post

result in the examination

Hey, today I will share some awesome insights about blog post writing with you all. I hope you guys will enjoy the rest of the article. Most of the time, people want to make money online but don’t know actually what he needs to do. Blog post writing could be a good option for them. It doesn’t matter what result in the examination  you did, you just need to have dedication. Let’s dive into the tips.

#1 Learn On-Page SEO

Learning On-Page SEO is really important. On-Page, SEO is all about optimizing your blog post for search engine ranking. If your article gets ranked in the search engine, it will drive lots of organic traffic without any effort. A proper on page optimized blog post could get ranked easily. So you need to learn On Page SEO.


#2 Do Research Before Writing

Whatever you write, do some research before writing. That will help you to write in an expert tone. The expert tone is really important.


#3 Write on Your Favorite Topics

The topic that you know about and like, you need to write on that topic. Suppose you are an Indian, who love cricket. If someone asks you to write about ‘Rugby, that could be tough for you. But if they ask to write on cricket, you can write easily. So always pick your favorite topic that you know about.


#4 Try to Be a Better Storyteller

Storytelling on content is really important. People love stories. They want to listen to real stories and examples. So you can put some really exciting stories in your article. Suppose you are writing a review of a mobile phone. Now you can add a short story on ‘what happened with your friend who uses the same phone’. Like this, every content has its own story mode. Just find it and put a story.


#5 Put a Good Starting

If your article doesn’t have a good starting people will close the window within a couple of seconds. And it will increase bounce rate, increasing bounce rate could be a reason for falling your search ranking. So if you want to decrease the bounce rate and want to provide awesome user experience, you need to put really good starting on your article that people like.



I hope if you follow these tips, you will be able to write really good blog posts.

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