Why should I learn Python instead of Java?

Python is one powerful language, with the help of python you can reduce the number of line of codes as it includes support of many different – different libraries, which include libraries for data science, AI, web frameworks and testing instruments. Python comes with great hardware support can be used in raspberry pi, google fire-base, Artificial Intelligence and every newly evolving technology includes python integration.

Python is having major community support and as a beginners you should use python. These are some feature of python:

1. Easy to learn
2. Python code is simpler and shorter
3. It saves developer’s time
4. Excellent documentation available online
5. Huge open source development community
6. Rich library support
7. Python frameworks like Django, Pylons, Flask are easy to learn
8. Python code is easy to write
9. Python has a huge market demand
10. Top notch companies are all moving to Python
11. Excellent new libraries is being built in Python

prwatech Silver Asked on January 10, 2019 in Education.
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Yes you are right

Ravisingh Bronze Answered on January 11, 2019.
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