Who is most genuine and Famous Astrologer in Hyderabad?

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Most Genuine and Famous Astrologer in Hyderabad is Vinayak Bhatt.

Vinayak Bhatt, a renowned astrologer, is the founder member and CEO of Vedicgrace Foundation. Vedicgrace Foundation is a premier organization of India for imparting education in Astrology. He is also an active faculty in All India Federation of Astrologer’s Societies in New Delhi.

He has an experience of more than 20 years in the field of Astrology. His articles have been published in all the leading newspapers, especially in the ‘Times of India’ and ‘The Economic Times’. Other than this, he wrote a weekly column about Indian Markets and a regular column for ‘Bureaucracy Today’. He is also on the panel of ‘Celebrity Astrologers’ on the Website of Times of India Group, IndiaTimes, for more than a decade now. He is also one of the prominent consultants for a number of online websites.

His interview on a prediction of stock markets was published in ‘Índia Abroad’ New York, USA on June 1, 2007. He has also published a number of papers on Fashion designing, medical astrology, and financial astrology. He is also involved in continuous research in the field of Astrology.

Ankur Dangi Bronze Answered on August 29, 2017.
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My name is ganesh. I lives in Hyderabad and I had completed my mechanical engineering from prestigious college in Hyderabad but even after successful completion, I was not getting Job that I wanted to fulfill my career aspirations. I had given so many interviews and trying my luck harder such that I can get job in better company but all my efforts are going *** d. Due to all this developments, I was stressed and negative thinking had started to set in. I was thinking that what is the value for studies, when I cannot get better job. There was no point of studies, when you cannot get the job at the right time.

All this questions are unanswered to me and I cannot see lighting path that can guide me to fulfill my career aspirations.

I do not know the future and from my side, I can only put out efforts that are not materializing for me. Lastly, my friend had suggested to take consultation from Mr. Vinayak bhatt , as what will happen at worst  that I will not get job and there is nothing wrong in taking solutions through Vedic astrology .

I had consulted Mr. Vinayak bhatt for my queries. As my consultation had progressed, he told me that why I was not getting desired results. He had told some modifications that had to be done from my side and told some time tested remedies to me. I had followed all remedies and path that was told to me with full dedication and results were positive and amazing within shorter time frame. Now I am working as an Mechanical Engineer in the top most company of Hyderabad.

To me, Mr. Vinayak Bhatt is the most genuine, best and famous astrologer in Hyderabad as his suggestions had helped to find out job that I was searching for quite longer time.

ganesh Default Answered on September 2, 2017.
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I would like to suggest astrologer Vinayak Bhatt is most notable astrologer in Hyderabad. I never knew a person without knowing you can tell so many things about us just by birth details. He accurately identified my health issues and suggested. He explain my kundali in detail and correlate a with science. First time I see some one a who explain astrology a scientific way. My experiance is very good wuth mr vinayak bhatt he solve my helath problems. You can also call him for your problems at 9899383340 or visit www.vedicgrace.com

Amiteshmishra Default Answered on September 4, 2017.
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