Who are the top ten astrologers in India?

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Hello there!! I am only here to answer this question. Astrology is a divine science passed to us by our ancestors. We can never disown our own scriptures and literature. We need to believe in Astrology is 100% true only then it shows its effects on us. Astrology has many mystical characteristics which are capable of healing or curing an individual spiritually, which can help many in various ways. But surely will provide us positive vibes and help us face the situation.

Astrology is referred as Jyotish which actually means prediction of future. In this modern era it is also termed as “Vedic Astrology”. This Vedic Astrology is a mixture of astrological concepts along with accord to modern science.

I personally had a pleasant experience and it had an effective result. I would like to share my experience .I was devastated at a point in my life, I had many Health complications I spent so much money on for my treatments. Could not find any appropriate treatment for my health improvements issues. Then one day I heard from one my friend telling about Vedic astrology can cure Health issues. As it is said Vedic Astrology is a divine science.

I have contacted the Best Vedic astrological service provider VedicGrace foundation in association with Vinayak Bhatt the leading astrologer in India. I have contacted them and scheduled my appointment. Finally, on the day of appointment I had a deep conversation about my health issues. Vinayak Bhatt ji has explained me clearly why I am facing complications. I was given remedies to follow and now am completely alright. I Heart fully, thank VedicGrace Foundation to help me guide me.


Pure Vedic Gems – Delhi

FF-32, MGF Metropolitan Mall,

Next to Select CityWalk Mall,

Distt. Centre Saket, New Delhi-110017, India

Email:- info@vedicgrace.com

Phone Number:-+91-9899383340

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Vikas Sharma is one of the most famous Astrologer in India. He is known for his accurate and effective Astrological Remedies.

I consulted Astrologer Vikas Sharma about marriage compatibility and his guidance proved invaluable in helping me select the right life partner. Two years later, we are now so happy with each other, thanks to Astrologer Vikas Sharma

You can also contact to Vikas Sharma @ + 91- 9953678850

There are so many famous astrologers in India .So I won’t tell you he is the only best .But as per my personal experience i will prefer a astrologer who lived in Delhi.He is very Genuine and his predictions are awesome.His branch offices are there in India like Bangalore and Mumbai.

I have ever seen his prediction are to closed and kind of remedies he advises are really accurate and affective i did not consulted few astrologer around but not willing as they all were just behind money. you are very genius and wonderful person i have ever met. really i am impressed by this people he one of the best astrologer in India

His astrology works are in astrology many kinds of astrology system are there and definitely has been a significant change in the types of articles and books that are being published recently and the kind of exploratory work that is being done in astrology. With a larger number of individuals demanding more streamlined reports and with automated tools for calculating and presenting the astrological data and information as well as for writing reports becoming increasingly available, a new degree of approach towards astrology is emerging. It is also notable that people from many disciplines, including the sciences are being increasingly drawn towards astrology, though some of these are arguably individuals that have recently started coming out of their closets, as society continues to open its collective mind wider.

Contact for astrology consultation @ + 91- 9953678850

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Pandit ji is a best astrologer in India who also provides astrology services all over the world. He has protection & solutions for all life issues, business issues,love issues, ghost problems which he solves in a glimpse of Time.

If you are facing any problems or going through hard times in your life, but have no idea where to go and whom to talk. Pandit ji is world famous astrologer in India who have all your answers of.

  1. Husband Wife Problems Solution in India , Us ,Uk, Canada, Africa
  2. Love Vashikaran Specialist in India , Us , Uk , Canada , Africa
  3. Business Problem Solution in India, Us, Uk, Canada, Africa
  4. It is personally suggested to get consult with him for caluable solutions of your problems visit him on web at http://www.vashikaranexpertindia
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Dinesh Kumar : Astrologers, Vastu Shastra Consultants

Pandit Dinesh Kumar is the the best Astrologer that I have met and I have met many astrologers. Without any doubt, Astrologer Dinesh Kumar is the best Astrologer. He is very accurate, honest and practical with his predictions and does not create a scare in the person as usually done by most other astrologers. He can be contacted at Vedic Astrologer Dinesh Kumar and his phone is +(91)-989796744.

He predicted with absolute accuracy about me and the future events and guided me how to handle myself in those situations and my heartfelt thanks to him. I consult him on regular basis since and gain from each meeting with him.


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Dr. Vivek Chopra Astrologer and Vastu Shastra Expert

most famous in INDIA and all over world-ASTROLOGER DR. vivek chopra his protection & solutions of your all life problems, lost of love back with 100 % guaranteed, husband wife disputes, business problems, ghost problems solution within a day only, For any solutions please call or send your-details to+(91)-931113106 with your-(NAME DOB TIME & COUNTRY OR CITY)–beleave it, because Dr. vivek chopra is a powerful spiritual ancestral astrologer only one call can change your life to happiness it is 100 % true. He is the GREAT MASTER in ancient astrology- guru ji knows very secret & ancestral MANTRAS guru ji working in this profession since 1985 above 85000 clients are fans of GURU JI like–famous bollywwod stars, hollywood stars,billonare business man & so many others peoples–ASTOLOGER Vivek chopra-Ihave no words to say about ASTROLOGER -Vivek chopra i am speechless.

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My Name Is Navin Dutta, From Kolkata


My Experience with Astrologer Pradeep ji so very well,Astrologer Astrologer Pradeep jji scrutinizes both positive & negative aspects extremely pragmatically and provides effective & practical solutions to problems. He motivates you & instills in you this ray of hope which eventually will guide you through any problems. IT is really hard to find honest person like Astrologer Astrologer Pradeep JI. The best astrologer, friend, philosopher, guide and he is the first person who boldly and firmly predicted and assured me not to worry at all and provided nominal remedies and those miraculously gave result. If you really want best results, sir is the one who can do it.


Pradeep ji can solve your all life problems in a few days only like Business Problems – Job Carrier Problems – Husband Wife Disputes – Love Problems – Child Problems – Money Problems – Health Problems – Ghost/Spirit Problems –


He is the Great Master Astrologer in India.


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you can contact to this person 9910993888, 9899556411



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Many people misunderstand what astrology is. A pervasive notion exists that it is a cultish, superficial, pseudo science that purports to fatalistically foretell the future, or that it is based on a theory that ‘the planets influence people’. This is the result of religious control frameworks that have biased people against astrology with remarkable success; of irrational fears perpetuated by religious propaganda; and the arrogant, ignorant opinions of dogmatic, narrow-minded, and faux, progressive-resistant ‘scientists.’

But now many people are awakening and questioning biases and false teachings instead of perpetuating them. And as growing numbers of people re-discover and claim their foundational inner depths, natural cycles of life, nature, and becoming; and the fullness of our wisdom heritage are being re-cognized.[purposely hyphenated]

The recent phenomenon of internet and social media is contributing to growing interest in astrology, as people note that astrologers are publishing similar truths and insights simultaneously — that are then confirmed by observable events. Neophytes are also catching the wave of interest in astrology and perpetuating hype. There is a constant hunger among some of the populace for hype that is an addiction — ever reaching to the future for the next unique planetary or stellar event and liberating new age shift.

Well what would be more of a turn-off to any intelligent being, than a “pseudo science” that purports to tell you how the planets are influencing you, or to tell you your yet unformed future? Such a concept is an insult to human nature. We want to live our freedom of choice, to do what we want to when we so desire, and create our futures in our unique ways. That would leave ‘astrology’, as it is commonly mis-understood, for the confused and the fantasy or “help me” addicted.

Astrology is pure science, which presents quite a challenge for astrologers, because there are myriad methods of analysis, from simple to abstract. There is a great quantity of data and significators to study. The invention of computers has provided potent data aids undreamed of for centuries — yet the sky is the limit. Every chart or sky map presents a completely unique set of significator relationships and power-sphere qualities and equations, unique to each individual and query. The capacity of astrologers to grasp and interpret the variables is continually stretched.

Astrology is also symbols, myth, and art. Many mythologies of our various cultures are related to observation of the constellations and planets and the energies they signify since ancient times, and inform our archetypes of universal human qualities, evolution, and becoming. Synthesizing sky map data and information proffered by the related symbols and myths is a skill and art, facilitated by the study, intuition, understanding, and attunement of the astrologer.

“The rationale for this approach is the supposition that the mythological deities are the symbolic external expressions of the inner structures of the psyche.” — Demetra George

Astrology is the science of the relatedness of all things. Yes, we are affected by the gravitational effects of the Moon, by changes in the ionosphere caused by eclipses; such causes and effects have been conclusively documented. But astrologers use the specific earth-location-centered sky map as a reference for time and life energy cycles. The positions of planets, fixed stars, asteroids, and measured points in space — in the context of the background of the zodiac — are meaningful references for information pertinent to the potentials and qualities of life on earth. The natal map of the sky (individual birth chart calculated with birth date, time, and place) provides a bigger picture informational view that accurately relates day-to-day living with one’s purpose, mission, and potentially greatest destiny, that is rooted in and fueled by one’s pre-birth past.

The information and wisdom of this great overview can be practically applied for decision-making that is better tuned and empowered by natural cycles. It correlates with the axiom that expresses humanity’s aspirations to actualize the most empowered, peaceful, and fulfilling order and harmony on Earth: “As Above, So Below.”

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All astrologers are notable astrologers but only the important factor is faith that one developes. Faith comes with passage of time oe repetition of consultation or services form an astrologer. Every astrologer has a success and failure associated with the predictions that they deliver. Not a single astrologer glorify it prediction failure but one can find thousands glorifiying their successful predictions. It is a professional arena where every astrologer is behind name and fame.

For example in a city there are so many saloons but a person would select a saloon where comfort zone is maximum i.e. the saloon that one selects may be branded ones or a non – branded will hardly matter, only service , efficiency and service as per your requirement would mattter. So If some one has selected a non branded saloon so he can’t say the branded saloons are bad or vice-a versa for a person who has selected a branded saloon.
Similarly astrologers are selected as per individual requirement, availibility and frequency of service. If an individual is over possessed and requires consultation too frequently will always settle with an astrologer who is available according to his needs.
Astrologers are not brands to become notable, but they are select on the basis of faith, requirement, approchability.

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Also Serving in

    • Faridabad,


    • Ghaziabad,


    • Gurgaon,


    • Noida





Sri Agasthiar Perunoolmahasiva sksn Naadi Astrological Center, We are one of the most reputed astrologers, consulted many years before. We offer our expert advice on elimination of all problems due to Astrological Dosh. We suggest and provide Nadi astrology as suggested in Ancient Indian Texts and renowned astrologers after their long research and effort. We also provide


the best astro services to the people.



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Prof. Dr. bhgavan


Gold Medalist-9 CSE,FARP, delhi


+91 33 99832729


best astrology service in India and all the cities, all kind of problem will get solution here. please contact


Introspect through retrospection…”__ PROF. (Dr.) bhagavan (Sr. Professor of Engineering College) _




Watch Sristi T.V. programs online in Youtube — click on link: ___Watch Program On Sristi T.V. : Sunday– 2pm LIVE & Saturday– 10.15 pm ___ No.1 astrologer with 100% remedial success

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