What NGOs in Bangalore can I volunteer with on weekends or holidays?


Finding time for yourself in this busy schedule is a huge task.You are choosing to volunteer. I heartily appreciate your interest. 🙂

There is a lot of requirement for volunteers in various NGO ‘s in Bangalore and people are unaware of it.

Top NGOs in Bangalore

Volunteering is a life changing experience ,which will not only show you the true face of society,but also teaches you patience. You grow as a person and can experience a slow change in you. It will introduce you to a bunch of highly energetic people and gives you a sense of satisfaction for utilizing your weekend for a more meaningful cause. It will expand your knowledge and network.

Few hours of your weekend can make a huge difference to the society.I have listed few NGO in Bengaluru.

Aahwahan – is an NGO that is involved in promoting the welfare of the economically backward sections of the society by generating employment across various sectors. It was founded in — — – by a team of like-minded individuals with a commitment to eradicate poverty. Our constant efforts have touched the lives of people. We believe in community development. Urbanization has had an impact on the traditional economic systems in the country and has shifted the socioeconomic preferences.

The socioeconomic growth and well being of people are so interconnected, that it is not feasible to ignore any one of them. Hence, we have teamed with a wide cross section of people to bring about a transformation in the rural environment. For more information please contact below details

Address:- Building No-40, 4th Floor, 9th Block Jayanagr, Bangalore-69
Phone :- 8088866610/08088422220
Email :- info@aahwahan.com

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