What is Type of Data Under Big Data?

1. Structured Data – The term structure data generally refers to data that has a defined length and format for big data. Examples of structured data include numbers, dates, and groups of words and numbers called string. Most experts agree that this kind of data accounts for about 20 percent of the data that is out there. Structured data is the data you’re probably used to dealing with. It’s usually stored in a database.

Characteristic of Structured Data:

        • Pre-defined data models
        • Usually text only
        • Easy to search
        • Relational databases
        • Data warehouses

Application of Structured Data:

        • Airline reservation system
        • Inventory control
        • CRM systems
        • ERP systems

2. Unstructured data – Unstructured data is information, in many different forms, that doesn’t hew to conventional data models and thus typically isn’t a good fit for relational database.


        • Social Media
        • Chatter, Text, Analytics, Blogs, Tweets, Comments, Likes, Tags, etc.
        • Digital, Video, QR
        • Audio
        • Geo- Spatial

3. Semi-Structured – Semi-structured data is data that is neither raw data, nor typed data in a conventional database system. It is structured data, but it is not organized in a rational model, like a table or an object-based graph.
Characteristics of Semi-structure:

        • Irregular structure
        • Implicit structure
        • Partial structure
        • Large data guides
        • Loosely structured
        • No schema required
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