What is the best burning incense?

Best incense preference would be different for different people. Here’s mine:

I mostly prefer to use masala incense sticks because its fragrance notes and flavors are deeper and linger within the room for much longer even after it is fully burnt. The only masala sticks I’ve continued to like are the ones made by Satya incense – I sometimes alternate between their brands, but still, continue to amaze me every time.

If you want a longer burning time, they also have extra long versions of these.

The regular ones that we use at home are typically coated incense sticks. These are thinner and more uniformly made. Here again, the best is very subjective. If you’re a person who goes with what’s popular among people – Satya is probably India’s largest sold incense stick brand.

If you’re open for the not-so-wide-spread-and-nationwide-popular-yet like me, I’d recommend their Nag champa sticks series which is more of vibrant fragrances.Please do let me know if you’ve tested and liked anything yourself so that I could also try them.

DiyaMittal Golden Asked on January 4, 2019 in Business.
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