Top Astrologer in India Name?

Top Astrologer in India :List them

Hi Guys,

I found that there are various astrologer some of which are genuine and some are *** . I want to know about Genuine and accurate India’s top astrologers name.List them

Thanks in Advance

admin Golden Asked on August 28, 2017 in Astrologer.
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There are many astrologers in India.Different astrologers suits different peoples.I am going to mention some astrologers who are not famous but they have very immense ability to predict future.Always they don’t want to spread their name in public.Here is list of top astrologer in India.

1. Vinayak Bhatt-He is very genius and literally tell you what will be obstacles coming in your way and solutions too.
Contact: +91-9899383340

2. Pradeep Verma: Vedic astrologer in India
Contact: 9895536311

3. Vikas Sharma-He solves marriage issues and very rare personality.
Email id:-
Mobile Number:-+ 91- 9953678850

4. Bejandaruwala: ancient astrologer

5. K. P tripathi

6. Dr. Joshi

7. RKShastri

Saurabh Default Answered on August 29, 2017.
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Famous astrologer in India is Vinayak Bhatt. The short life is about making critical choices at crucial moments. If the choices made by us are not good for us then it can lead us to difficult situation which can prove to a long bad phase in our life. So for leading a good and a prosperous life we should make the right decision so to lead a prosperous and a happy life.

Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt has prepared a special guidebook to their followers.

  • Horoscope Predictions and Complete Analysis For Required Time Period (1-4 Years).
    Marriage Match Making And Analysis.
  • Career Guidance and Help Business Guidance And Help If Suffering From Loss And Failure.
  • Property Investment By “Vaastu Analysis” From Top Most “Vaastu Consultant Astrologer”.
  • “Vaastu Consultancy” For Home, Land Plots.

For Horoscope Predictions And Complete Analysis Call -91-9899383340.

Are you facing problems in your life and need astrological consultation to help you out of your never ending problems, then you have come to the right place get reliable solutions to all your problems by consulting an expert astrologer consultant to help you.

Ankur Dangi Bronze Answered on August 29, 2017.
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There are various astrology sites in India which commands themselves as the top most sites of India but top sites  do not become only by marketing , in fact truthness , sincere efforts , hard work and understanding humane problems and concerns and there by applying astrological principles is the key to become top most site of India as and when you are in that condition to solve human problems , then automatically , you will get promoted by the praises and then there is few work left for SEO to promote there respective websites .

One such site that is praised all over India and around the globe is Vedic Grace foundation which believes to solve problems and give answers in simpler form of remedies . In fact , Mr. Vinayak Bhatt who had established vedic grace foundation with the sole aim to benefit persons who are in distressful condition due to one problem or the another . At times , Mr. Vinayak Bhatt , do gives free advices to persons who are facing financial crisis too and thus for me , He is the top astrologer in India.

GargiKapoor Default Answered on August 29, 2017.
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