Is it a good idea to start an e-commerce store for incense products only, like incense sticks, air freshners, dhoop, etc.? Is there a market for this in India?

I think there is a good market for such products.

I assume that the Target Group for these products is persons who are actively engaged in regular prayers and religious activities. In this case, the following are the market trends that are encouraging from a potential business point of view.

the increased amount of fervor and enthusiasm in celebrations of various religious festivals has now caught up across India.
The number of people visiting Religious Places has also increased substantially.
Now the challenge is

How will you be competitive against a locally made incense stick/dhoop
this means that you will need to set up a niche for your product line
in which case, you will need to spend time and efforts to research and find out the niche for your self.
You will also need to ensure that you have the right tactics to reach your customers and be very judicious in spending marketing money.
Setting up a good e-commerce website will also cost good money
These are few of my observations and hope they help

Here is a quite similar case study:

Satya is quite a recognized brand. Its products are really good, and I use them myself.

Their Website:  Indian incense sticks manufacturers

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DiyaMittal Golden Asked on January 4, 2019 in Business.
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