How could I spend my weekends in Bangalore by doing some charity work, like a freelancer at NGOs?

NGO volunteer opportunities in bangalore

To Select an NGO for volunteering, Three Parameters need to be considered always:

1) Volunteer Interest: In which social domain Volunteer wants to be a volunteer, he/she may wants to be volunteer in Education, Health, Environment, Hunger & Poverty, Awareness Campaigns, Women Empowerment, Skills & livelihood…so many areas.

2) Volunteer Skills: Volunteers looks for new skills & experience to be acquire through volunteering & NGOs looks “how Volunteers will donate his those skills in which he is mastered to the NGOs & will help them in their capacity building.

3) Location: Volunteering Opportunity should be always near to your Vicinity, otherwise, for a long run, you will loose interest because of travelling, traffic & fare issues.

Volunteering for Aahwahan NGO

Address1:- Building No-40, 4th Floor, 9th Block Jayanagr, Bangalore-69
Phone :- 8088866610/08088422220
Email :-

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