As a beginner, what are the most valuable skills to learn for a data scientist?


here are my 2 cents..

as a beginner or middle aged or fag end of life data scientist, there is only one valuable skill that prospective employers will look at :

  1. how many models ( predictive probability models ) have you build .
  2. even explaining the model in excel will do.
  3. you should be able to understand and explain the model in plain words.
  4. it should be repetitive ( meaning it should not fail at any point that you do not know of ).
  5. you need to defend the probabilities that are spit out.
  6. It cannot look or feel like a random number generator.
  7. later on it can be ported on to production environment in any language.

This is the only MVP skill that you need to have.

If you have this, you will be treated like a king, otherwise like a programmer. For more information visit: Data Science Training in Pune

Technogeeks Bronze Asked on January 28, 2019 in Education.
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