May 29 th, 2019
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Best places to get vegetarian food in Kanpur

Kanpur is a massive industrialized city located on the edges of the Ganga River. The town is pretty placid than others, but thank you to stable development in the industrial segment, most of the individuals from the younger age group have moved their base to this town. With the young throng moving to the breathtaking tow, the city has perceived massive evolution in restaurants that offer worldwide cuisines. Thus, if you are planning to go out on the town, then here’s a list of the places to get vegetarian restaurants in Kanpur.


Here, all people towards Southern food hunger can be easily pleased with this one restaurant known as Rasam. It is one of the luxury South Indian restaurants in Kanpur so the prices are quite higher. But the food is cost-effective. You can easily order this online using Swiggy New User Offer with great deals.

What to eat: Coconut milk, idli, dosa, appam

Best for: Brunch

Mithas Sweets

Mithas is famous for providing the ideal sweets and snacks in Kanpur. This is a completely pure veg restaurant cum sweet shop is well-known amongst the residents. Begin your day with a perfect breakfast at Mithas by cosseting in their crunchy lassi, crispy pakodas and lots more.

What to eat: Lassi, Paneer Tikka, Jalebi, Gulab Jamun

Best for: Breakfast, Vegetarians

Haveli Restaurant

Haveli Restaurant’s design looks like a real haveli. Furthermore, it has countless diversions for children to start from haveli-themed activities and camel rides. However, the kids are immersed in their amazing activities you can pamper in the delicious Dal Makhani, Poori Chlole, Lassi and Jalebis.

What to eat: Paneer Tikka, Malai Kofta, Dal Makhani

Best for: Dinner with family



  1. Place: JAI SHRI RAM

Dish: Veg Thali

This eatery place is designed as a dhàba theme hotel but most trustworthy if you are seeking to eat lunch or dinner nearby railway station or in a rush. It is a pure vegetarian restaurant that offers a clean meal at a reasonable rate. No any restaurant like this nearby Kanpur railway station which serves you a quality sense of taste. It is open late till 2-3 AM.

Place: Kwality

Dish: Chana Bhatura

Here you can find your favorite and delicious dish Chana Bhatura in Kanpur and you will get to know where to eat it. It is provided with mouthwatering good pickled vegetables and onions. The quality and quantity of food are always acceptable. They offer other fast bites without any interruption. We can have paranthas to a variety of Biryanis, Mini Meal Combos, and Tandoori Dish. With its consideration to the fact, the Kwality Express has created a name for itself in a small time frame.


Dish: Badnaam kulfi

Thaggu ke laddu is a preferred sweet shop in Kanpur. It is an extremely popular and well-known sweet shop with their eminent name” Aisa koi saga Nahi jisko humne thaga nhi”. The tag is truly astonishing, thus here are the Laddoos. There are 2 to 3 varieties of Laddoos and the” Thaggu Special” is the ideal they eat. Most of all is the popular Badnaam Kulfi, which you should never miss out. The appearance of the shops might not be charming a lot, but the product is completely outstanding. Additionally you can order food from this place using Mobikwik Offers with discounted prices.

Khatta Meetha

Another vegetarian restaurant is Khatta Meetha located in Kanpur and here you can take savor of multiple veggie curries that you will surely love eating. The costs of foods are here very reasonable and low.


You can have a perfect zest of vegan foods only and only at Aroma now so, without any delay and missing anything just visit this place as here you will love eating by seeing the cool and thrilling ambiance all over the Aroma’s sire.

Enjoy the veggies here only.

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